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Intro to Guitar Master


What you will learn in the
Guitar Master System:

  • The 3-octave scale
  • Techniques to improve your solos
  • Exercises for greater speed, finger agility and strength
  • Multiple scale forms and position studies
  • Efficient moves over the entire fretboard
  • Fundamentals of chord progression
  • Right and left hand techniques
  • Key modulations for smooth transitions
  • Advanced fingering and picking techniques for smoother sound
  • Major & Minor scales and arpeggios
  • Dominant & diminish-seventh modulations

The Most Complete Method Around

Master the secrets of great guitar playing with the Guitar Master Study System. Guitar Master offers an unrivaled system that can turn good players into great virtuosos. Learn to flow continuously through the full 3 octaves of the guitar. All books indicate fingering and position, which makes the path to mastery easier to follow. Get all the Guitar Master books and learn to Play Better, Stronger & Faster!

Special Collections

Guitar Master's advanced material takes players into the highest registers of the guitar. To work with this material, guitarists need excellent sight-reading skills, familiarity with chromatics, and the ability to move across the entire neck of the guitar.
Guitar Master
Advanced Player Set with etude studies & advanced reading material
(includes Czerny, Hanon in 3 Octaves, Hidden Treasures of the Masters, Not for Beginners)
To work effectively with guitar books at this level, players need to be comfortable with sight reading, able to play scales and arpeggios, familiar with all the notes on the guitar neck and have an understanding of chords and chord progression. The Guitar Master books offered for this group present a very challenging jump beyond your current playing level.

Guitar Master
Complete Method
(includes Hanon Complete, Not for Beginners, and Ultimate Guide to Scales & Arpeggios Books 1-4)

You save 15%
Guitar Master
Introductory Set
(includes Hanon Complete and Ultimate Guide to the 4 Essential Major & Minor Scales volumes 1 & 2)

Guitar Master
Ultimate Scales Set
(includes Ultimate Guide to Scales & Arpeggios Books 1,2,3 & 4)


4 Essential Scale Forms Set
(includes Ultimate Guide to the 4 Essential Scales volumes 1 & 2)

Books available at this level are for Guitarists who cannot read music but are fairly proficient players with a knowledge of at least the basic scales. Sight reading is essential for the more advanced Guitar Master studies. These books expose you to challenging material appropriate for your playing level while also helping you develop your sight reading skills.
Guitar Master
Intermediate Players Set
(includes Not for Beginners with tablature & The Guitar Chart)
Beginner level studies at Guitar Master are for guitarists with some playing ability but who cannot read music. These books familiarize players with the neck of the guitar and thier corresponding notes on the staff--essential knowledge for further study in the Guitar Master system.These books are NOT for players picking up a guitar for the first time.
Guitar Master
Beginners Set
(includes Scales for Beginners, The Guitar Chart, and Hanon Book 1 with Tablature)
All Guitar Master Books
4 Essential Scale Forms
(vol. 1)
4 Essential Scale Forms
(vol. 2)
Guitar Chart
Hanon in 3 Octaves
Hanon Book 1
Hanon Book 1
(with tablature)
Hanon Book 2
Hanon Complete
(books 1 & 2)
Hidden Treasures of the Masters
Not for Beginners
Not for Beginners
(with tablature)
Scales for Beginners
Scales/Arpeggios Book 1
Scales/Arpeggios Book 2
(with 3-octave scale)
Scales/Arpeggios Book 3
(chord progressions)
Scales/Arpeggios Book 4
(two scale forms)
Scales/Arpeggios Set
(Books 1, 2, 3, 4)

Finally! A Real Challenge! Bridging the gap for the serious student, Guitar Master offers the most advanced and unique studies for the beginning, intermediate and advanced guitarist. Play better, faster, stronger, and release your genius with this advanced 3-octave method that sets new standards for developing advanced technique and technical skill for the acoustic and electric pick-style guitar.

Greater Speed & Agility are only two of the improvements you'll see when you practice the Guitar Master method and exercises. In addition to improved technique and greater efficiency in moving over the entire instrument, you will gain essential skills to enhance your performance with improvisation, soloing, and even song composition. Advanced Fingering and Picking Methods utilized in the Guitar Master books offer players greater control over the instrument. Through intricate scale passages, flowing arpeggios, and music in the higher register, the books help students interpret the harmonic structure of compositions and understand the logic of movement by listing chord symbols.

Our Books Cover a 3 Octave Scale and include fingering! They provide challenging material and exercises for mastering the most efficient, effective, and fluid movement across the entire fingerboard. Experts rave about Guitar Master books! Based on the advanced system developed by renowned guitarist , Joseph Sgro, these books have been endorsed by professional musicians and guitar instructors at numerous schools including:



Release your genius with this advanced 3-octave method that sets new standards for the beginning, intermmediate and advanced guitarist.


Guitar Master books have been endorsed by professional musicians and guitar instructors at numerous schools including:

John Blake,
renowned jazz violinist/ recording artist
Jimmy Bruno,
guitar virtuoso
Rumoro Guitar Academy, Chicago, IL
Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA
Manhattan School of Music, New York, NY
Temple University,
Philadelphia, PA
University of the Arts,
Philadelphia, PA
Bucks County Community College,
Newtown, PA

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