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Intro to Guitar Master


What you will learn in the
Guitar Master System:

  • The 3-octave scale
  • Techniques to improve your solos
  • Exercises for greater speed, finger agility and strength
  • Multiple scale forms and position studies
  • Efficient moves over the entire fretboard
  • Fundamentals of chord progression
  • Right and left hand techniques
  • Key modulations for smooth transitions
  • Advanced fingering and picking techniques for smoother sound
  • Major & Minor scales and arpeggios
  • Dominant & diminish-seventh modulations

Finger a 3 Octave Scale!

Fingering a 3-octave scale requires a logical and systematic approach. This approach is the foundation for the "Hanon" books. Based on the advanced system developed by renowned guitarist, Joseph Sgro, these studies will improve sight-reading and develop both right and left hand techniques.


  • 3 Octave scale with fingering
  • 26 complete transcriptions from Hanon for piano
  • Single string studies to improve left and right hand techniques
  • Exercises to develop finger agility and strength
  • Exercises for strengthening the third and fourth fingers
  • Available in Tablature Edition
Hanon in 3 Octaves
Hanon Book 1
(two and a half octaves)
Hanon Book 1
(with tablature)
Hanon Book 2
(two and a half octaves)
Hanon Complete
(books 1 & 2)

The Original Hanon Transcriptions for Guitar contained in Guitar Master's "Hanon" build agility, independence, and strength in the fingers. The exercises in the book were transcribed from the classic exercises in "Hanon the Virtuoso Pianist." the most famous work by renown composer, C.L. Hanon, for technical training.The first "Hanon for Guitar" published by Alfred Music Co. in 1960 was written in open position covering only one and a half octaves. Guitar Master's "Hanon," published in two volumes, covers the full three octaves. Students learn to shift from one position to another and read in the higher positions of the fingerboard.




"My study of Hanon was very influential in understanding how to move over a scale...Hanon presents patterns for the scale which aid a musician when improvising and enhance musical growth both technically and conceptually."

John Blake, Jr.
Jazz Violinist/Composer


Guitar Master books have been endorsed by professional musicians and guitar instructors at numerous schools including:

John Blake,
renowned jazz violinist/ recording artist
Jimmy Bruno,
guitar virtuoso
Rumoro Guitar Academy, Chicago, IL
Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA
Manhattan School of Music, New York, NY
Temple University,
Philadelphia, PA
University of the Arts,
Philadelphia, PA
Bucks County Community College,
Newtown, PA

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